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Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists
It's easy - and it works!


The medical community in Norway has responded with great enthusiasm to the Rhino Horn. 1.330 GPs in Norway (which is more than one third of registered Norwegian doctors) as well as half the ENT specialists recommend nasal cleansing with Rhino Horn.

In the doctor's own words:

«This method of rinsing the nose with lukewarm saltwater is an easy and gentle way of removing crusts and foreign particles from the nasal passages. It's simple to do and has no harmful side effects. It has proved to be highly effective in the prevention and treatment of sinusitis, and is also a useful component in the treatment of chronic sinusitis. Those suffering from pollen and dust allergies may in many cases reduce their symptoms by practising nasal cleansing.»

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It's easy - and it helps!

1 One tsp. salt…

1 One Rhino Spoon salt…
Saltwater is the natural solution for the mucus membranes. No chemicals added, no side effects.

3 ...nasal cleansing...

3 ...nasal cleansing...
Rinses the nasal passages, relaxes the mucus membranes, sharpens the senses. The water runs through the nostrils by itself.

2 ... lukewarm water...

2 ... lukewarm water...
Fill the Rhino Horn with lukewarm water. That will make nasal cleansing pleasant and refreshing.

4 ...and drying

4 ...and drying
The nose is emptied of any remaining water. Result: open nasal passages, pollen and dust rinsed away.
– It feels good!


Folk traditions and Yoga

Nasal cleansing has been incorporated in folk medicine in many areas of the world and is a natural method of medical treatment.

Fishermen all over the world have rinsed their nasal passages with salt water for generations. In some African tribes nasal cleansing is referred to as a «purifier of thoughts», i.e. clearing the head. In the Yoga tradition nasal cleansing is one of several cleansing processes.

Yoga is an ancient system of practical methods used to increase physical and mental well-being. The use of various Yoga techniques is spreading rapidly in our culture today. The cleansing technique of brushing the teeth has been practiced for thousands of years in the Yoga tradition, but it has only been common in Western culture for about 100 years. Now nasal cleansing is also becoming more widespread in our culture.

Rhino Horn

Rhino Horn

The Rhino Horn is easy to use, but we do advise you to read the instruction pamphlet before beginning.

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Made of recyclable and environment-friendly hard plastic (PEHD).

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